Wednesday, 7 November 2018

2018 - Choke Cocoi - Visceral Memoranda: Collected Tracks 2005-2017

CHOKE COCOI - Visceral Memoranda: Collected Tracks 2005-2017

Released on November 7, 2018 by Sickos Records (SICK013) & Delusion Of Terror Records (DOT055)

"Resurrection has never been this beautiful. Bringing you collections of their early years when their pursuit to knowing their selves, sexual adventures, motherhood, crazy hormones and inquisitive political stance is at peak. Three new songs that are raw and unapologetic to seal this first full solo album of Choke Cocoi, now available on cassette tape from Delusion of Terror Records and Sickos Records."

Click here to listen to the full weight of Pilipinas Hardcore Punk!

Choke Cocoi: Odessa, Sheryl, QT, Tweety

Price: PHP 200 / IDR 50K / USD 5

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Choke Cocoi, Sickos Records, Delusion Of Terror Records, Hardcore, Punk, Philippines

Choke Cocoi, Sickos Records, Delusion Of Terror Records, Hardcore, Punk, Philippines

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

2018 - Purulent Jacuzzi - 77 cassette tape

12 tracks of twisted fucking Grindcore from this Russian trio.  The combination of  creative, experimental yet brutal guitar chords, relentless blast beats, tightly knit and relentless blast beats combine with mixture of scream, high pitch screech and back up growls makes this album an insane hyper speed journey into complete and total annihilation. A brutal composition of dark fucking insanity that will leave you begging for more! 

Out now on cassette tape from Sickos Records & Playloud Records

Monday, 19 March 2018

2018 - Realidad - Demo 2018

REALIDAD - Demo 2018
Formed in mid 2017, Realidad is a 3 piece motorcharged d-beat hardcore punk unit based in heavily polluted Manila, Philippines. 
This 5-track demo serves as a grim reminder of catastrophic consequences caused by human existence.
Local order: Sickos Records​
International order: Delusion Of Terror Records​
Price: P170 / US$4 + postage

sickos records, bam sickos, realidad, cassette, kaset

Sunday, 21 January 2018

2017 - Tóxica - Ahogados En Contaminación

Tóxica “Ahogados En Contaminación”
The debut full length from these Argentinian Thrashers. Packed with vibrant, steel-edged riffs, aggressive vocals and destructive drums/basslines, these 8 tracks are sure to satiate those who crave for old style Thrash Metal!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

2017 - Tree Of Woe "Buried Inside Old Bones" Cassette Tape

Tree Of Woe "Buried Inside Old Bones" Cassette Tape. Released on August 11, 2017 by Sickos Records and Playloud Records.

Formed in Summer 2011 by Jeff Montoya (Catheter) and Keith Keeran (Grindscape), Tree Of Woe is rounded out by Chris Walter (Try Redemption) and Chris Forsythe (Malakai). All long time veterans of the Colorado music scene, Tree Of Woe was started with one mission in mind, obliterate everyone.

Tree Of Woe "Buried Inside Old Bones" is dedicated to the memory of Chris "Sizzle" Forsythe (1973-2015)

Listen to the whole album here.