Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday, 15 March 2012

2012 - A Tribute to Archi

I moved to Philippines in early 2011 and Archi was the first Filipino guy who smoke weed with me.
He was like walking dictionary, very intelligence, very humble, easy going and sincere. 
Everyone loves Archi...This artwork celebrates the life, love and passion of my fallen brother: 
Archi Lavariaz (January 9, 1978 - January 13, 2012) 
Rest in peace, Dap! You will be missed...

Ink on A3 paper

Archi (left) and me at Sazi's Bar, Manila. July 2nd 2011

Monday, 12 March 2012

2011 - BEFALL

An artwork done for BEFALL, great grindcore band from Antipolo, Philippines. Check out their works, some of their lyrics written in native Filipino language: Tagalog and Warai. Click here!

Silk screen printing on t-shirt

2010 - Stiff and Stoned

I rarely draw objects other than skulls, here's an example :)
Ink on A4 paper + photoshop


I made this logo for DIRTY EDGE, a hardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia. This is actually a remake from the original logo that I made in 1996. Check them out here
Ink on A3 paper + photoshop
And here's the original logo from 1996
Ink on A4 paper

2011 - VEX

T-shirt graphic for VEX, great grindcore band from The Philippines.
Check them out here
Ink on A3 paper + photoshop

Silk screen printing on t-shirt

2011 - Gig Poster

I made this flyer for ALCOHOLIC NERD (UK) split Indonesia Tour with KONTRA SOSIAL. This is one of the flyers for Jakarta show. It was a great show! Click here to witness the was pure passion...documented by Dinda Advena
Ink on A4 paper + Digital. 2011
some other posters for the show

Sunday, 11 March 2012

2010 - HIGHER OCTANE (A tribute to SERINGAI)

Ink on A3 paper

My artwork tattooed on someone's body

Seringai "Higher Octane" tshirt by High Octane Production


T-shirt art for GIGANTOR, great thrash metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia.
Only 24 pieces made and I don't even have one. Check them out here! Listen to them!

Ink on paper + digital colouring

Me and Azer. Picture taken at Cikini 73 by Dinda Advena. 2011
T-shirt printed by Clinicterror. 2011


Ink on A4 paper + photoshop


A Tattoo design for myself :) 
The title of my favorite Bob Marley album, "SURVIVAL".
Tattoo by Unboundkill


This one used by DISCOSHIT, raging thrash band from Palembang, South of Sumatra - Indonesia.
Ink on A3 paper + photoshop


Ink on A3 paper


RONGSOKAN is an old grindcore band from Palembang, South of Sumatra - Indonesia. I was in Palembang, on the street with the vocalist when made this logo in 2009. Great band of brothers, I know them personally. Check them out here and here!
Ink on A4 paper + photoshop
Photo taken in Philippines 2011